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Welcome to the WTR Page!

WOMAN TAKE A REST, an initiative of iCarryGo.com; one of the fastest growing online travel agencies in Abuja, Nigeria with presence in over five states in Nigeria. “Woman take a rest”, as its name implies is aimed at promoting a resting culture for the Nigerian Woman, helping women get refreshed body, soul and spirit through a well-organized vacation tour package by professional vacation and travel consultants, designed specifically to ensure total rejuvenation of the woman. Due to the role a woman plays in our society, many things are tied around her that are calling for her attention, from home to children to in laws to careers. She combines being a home maker with career and many other things which hardly gives her time for her own self. She is a giver: she gives so much to others, and this is the time for her to receive: enjoy and relax away from all the bustling and jostling of life that can be too consuming for her. IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR WOMEN.

This will be an annual travel event, to different countries all over the World and it has slots for hundreds of women from different states in Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nigeria. But this year we have chosen Dubai as the tourist destination for the Women in partnership with Emirate airline and The Government of Dubai, we will be taking them to Dubai city for five nights, Six days. We have special relaxation programs outlined for them which will be handled by recreational experts in Dubai.

Our departure date for the WTR 2016 is 23rd June, 2016, and we will be returning on the 29th June, 2016. The health safety of every participant is guaranteed as we will make available health consultants to ensure quick response to any urgent medical case but there are terms and conditions pre-existing medical history.


  • It is transformational
  • Rejuvenation of spirit soul and body
  • Freedom from stress and disturbances
  • Networks with other women
  • Avenue to learn and teach other women (through our know someone exercise).


  • Talk Show
  • Health Tips
  • One day tourism & Cruise in the heart of Dubai
  • Variety Night
  • Network with fellow goal oriented women